Ok, so when I took on the project of the windmill for a display in Kendallville, IN, I was faced with a problem. How best to paint the blades and the fin for the top. It was metal. This was the first time I had painted on metal and I knew it had to be able to survive crazy Indiana summer weather. After doing research, I discovered a medium I just had to try... and I absolutely love it!

Spray paint art is a blast! Although, I'm going to have to invest in a good respirator to wear while doing it. Those fumes can make you see random red balloons...  So, my plan is to get some good stuff done asap and get them posted for all to see. Fun, fun, fun! 

It seems kind of cliche sometimes when you hear it, but if you really pay attention to what you just heard, it'll take hold of your heart and become more real than before. "Jesus IS the Reason for the Season".. I don't care what the reason one concocts in his head about why they are celebrating Christmas, the fact is this: without Christ being born, there would have never been a holiday called Christmas. The great St. Nicolas, aka Santa Claus, was a Christian man who believed deep within that Jesus was Christ and followed in His footsteps to the best of his ability. He lived his life obeying Jesus' words to "sell what you own and give the money to the poor." He used his entire inheritance to assist the needy, the sick and the suffering and became known for his generosity to those in need and his love for children. So, even though many only think of the man in the red suit, it is important to understand that that man, Santa Claus, believed in Jesus and celebrated Him through becoming the icon we revere today. Remember that throughout all the shopping and decorating. Remember as you celebrate that Jesus is the Reason we celebrate this season. And remember why He came... to die for you. Because He loves you... that's it. And, when you acknowledge Him and decide to receive His amazing gift of salvation, He'll fill you up with so much love that your heart will be as St. Nicolas.. a servant to the world. 





A question was asked of me today and it really got me thinking. What is my favorite artistic medium? I really cannot answer that as I love so many forms of expression. In the visual aspect, I love experimenting with different things more than settling on any certain one. I would have to say the most relaxing for me is one of these two: acrylic painting or scrolling (cutting all those little pieces out of wood using a scroll saw. It's very tedious but relaxing). I also love to write: songs, short stories, novels, and journals. Some of my favorite writings are the ones that are private and never to be shared with the world around me. Just between me and God. And music... oh how I love music. I love to sing, play, and listen to it. I love to let the melody settle deep into my soul and wrap around me. There's rarely a moment when music isn't inside my head, sometimes rather annoyingly, as I wonder where in the world that particular song came from and why it invaded my peace.

There are so many ways to express ones artistic side. Poetry, singing, story telling, story writing, playing a flute, piano, or even a drum. And what about those ways we don't generally think about when we think artistic. A school teacher thinking and experimenting until she finds what works for a student to find success in an area he has struggled. A therapist describing the right exercise to help her patient get back on her feet. A young lady dreaming up a way to impact the lives she will run into in her future. A father working around the clock trying to put together a tree house in his spare time.

All of us have artistic abilities. God has created us to be creative. Look around you at a world full of art and be amazed. And let me encourage you to look beyond the "normal" expressions of art. I've personally experienced jealous attitudes from others who simply couldn't see their own abilities. They, and you, have amazing abilities within. Search and you will find. And, stretch yourself. Many skills do not present themselves until one steps out of the proverbial "box" we tend to put ourselves in. Many times without even knowing it has occurred. Look around your world and see if there's a spot in it that lends itself to a new experience. It'll do your heart good and  hopefully bless someone else along the way.

    Cindy Bugert

    Between the arts and my family, my life is quite full. I have been blessed with
    an amazing husband who stands by my side no matter what crazy thing I decide to
    dive into. I also have three wonderful children, all boys,  who are growing up
    too quickly. One of which has provided me with a "daughter" and two amazing
    grandchildren, a boy and a girl.
        Besides those things, I
    love volunteering in church functions as well as mentoring the younger
    generation. It's amazing being able to touch the lives of others.


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